New Resource: Community Land Rights CaseBase

The Community Land Rights CaseBase is a tool for lawyers and advocates working to protect community lands and natural resources. It is a free, online, searchable database of relevant case law from around the world. Visit CaseBase here.

The goal of CaseBase is to help communities and their advocates to craft and share successful litigation strategies. CaseBase provides concise case summaries and full-text court decisions from national, regional and international courts. Read our blog post for more.

The growth of CaseBase depends on participation by lawyers and advocates around the world - help us to improve it by sharing your ideas here.

What do you think of CaseBase? Is there anything that could make it easier to use? How should we publicize it to advocates in your region?

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The blog TerraNullius - which covers issues of land rights, human rights, and law - has hosted a guest post about CaseBase. Check it out to learn more about the development of CaseBase and how using case law from other countries can be a useful strategy for land protection!

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