New Resource: Volunteer international lawyers for organizations and communities working for fair large-scale resource developments

Lawyers for Resource Justice is an exciting new collaboration between Namati, International Senior Lawyers Project and Avaaz. This initiative links grassroots organizations in the Global Legal Empowerment Network with volunteer international lawyers who provide customized, high-power legal support to empower vulnerable communities to use the law to protect their rights in situations of proposed or existing large-scale natural resource development projects.

Read more about the initiative on Namati’s news post and ISLP’s blog.

Read cases studies from Kenya, Cambodia, and Liberia on the Lawyers for Resource Justice page.

Organizations can apply for legal support at

Discussion Ideas: What do you think of this initiative? What types of legal support do you think would be most helpful? What are the legal capacity needs of grassroots organizations that you are part of or work with? Do you know of cases where international legal support has been beneficial to a grassroots campaign? What about cases where it was detrimental or less helpful than it could have been?

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This is a great promotion of a participatory approach to development and recognizes the importance of engaging civil society and community based organizations to ensure that the poor and the marginalized have identity and voice. Such an approach can strengthen democratic governance and accountability, which, in turn, can play a critical role in the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.16

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