New resources for strategic planning and communications

Thanks @deylacurtis and @rachaelknight for introducing these very insightful and useful organizational resource guides. The first focuses on Organizational Strategic Planning and the second is on Strategic Communications - both will certainly be helpful to many members of our Network and we strongly encourage to give them a look.

They can also be found in our How to Develop a Community Paralegal Program resource guide.

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I was just speaking with @Faith at Kituo cha Sheria this morning and I wanted to share these two documents with her and Kituo’s new Documentation Officer. Previously, we had developed a Namati Documentation Guide to help support these efforts, but I think the Strategic Communications guide here is very in-depth and well developed to assist further.

Both guides, by Maliasili Initiatives, were originally done for community land and natural resource protection work in East Africa, but can be used in many other contexts. @Juves and @nobel, letting you know here as well!

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