New Right to Health Manual for Mozambique

I am very happy to share the 2nd edition of our Right to Health Manual for Mozambique. This new and improved version includes revised chapters on health and human rights, empowerment, participation in the health sector, and addressing violations of the right to health, as well as many practical examples and exercises drawn from our grassroots experience. It’s all in Portuguese, but for those who are interested Google Translate should provide a relatively good sense of the content.


Thank you Ellie for sharing this beautiful and rich Manual was really greatly improved to make it more attractive. The entire team of defenders had been really impressed, motivated, and will have the pleasure of using it in its fullness.

Thank you for all work done.


Congratulations team!

I am very glad to know about this manual since I have been working for a Mental Health Users civil society organization in Mozambique. Considering the relevance of this book, I would like to know how has it been disseminated to the stakeholders on the right to health in Mozambique.

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