New York City jails have an alarmingly high infection rate, according to an analysis by the Legal Aid Society

There are so many issues and inadequacies in the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic, starting with absolutely horrible leadership. But if I had to flag on issue that isn’t getting enough attention here and perhaps in other countries, it would be the plight of the prison population regarding vulnerability to COVID-19 (as well as other severe problems). The Appeal is a site that illuminates this issue, as well as many other injustices plaguing our criminal justice system. For example: New York City Jails Have an Alarmingly High Infection Rate, According to an Analysis by the Legal Aid Society - The Appeal


Hey Steve - it is super alarming and I read this weekend that the infection numbers at Rikers continue to grow with the rate of infection at Rikers is seven times higher than NYC as a whole and 87 times that of the US. Arnold Ventures and the Ford Foundation have put together this call to Governor Como to release as many prisoners as possible.

I did see that there have been some releases for parole violators but it’s not moving at the pace that needs to happen.

The ILF put this briefing together: Coronavirus Pandemic: Guidance for Legal Aid Providers to Protect Health and Human Rights of Detainees

And I found this letter, written by David Gilbert, the father of San Francisco’s DA Chesa Boudin, who is one of the oldest inmates currently incarcerated in NY, provides an interesting take from lessons learned to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in prison decades ago.

Also, this piece in the New Yorker written by Chesa talks more about the situation and his take on what prisons should be doing.


Thanks for bringing attention to this. I have been following the initial release of up to 1000 prisoners here in New Jersey and was curious if this is being entertained in other countries in any systematic way?


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