Nonprofit professional development survey from NTEN

Today I received the invitation below to answer NTEN’s nonprofit professional development survey. I thought I’d share it with fellow network members because it’s interesting to think about how our organizations do or do not support professional development. Also, you can win a registration to the 2019 NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference. If travel to the US is not possible for you, you could also choose an online course.

Special request: answer the NTEN survey only AFTER answering our network annual survey if you have not already done so. We need your input, and it’s closing soon! :clock1: Here’s the link:

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\ 1x1 Hi Tobias,

As you look at the year ahead, what resources do you have for professional development?

NTEN and Cornerstone are partnering on new research on the practices, culture, and investment in nonprofit professional development.

Your insights can make all the difference for this research. Bonus: you’ll be entered to win a registration to the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference or an NTEN course of your choice.

If you work at a nonprofit in fundraising and development, marketing and communications, IT, programs and services, or leadership, please take our 10-minute survey , which includes 24-28 questions (your answers may mean additional questions are skipped).

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\ 8x8 \ 8x8 Take our survey \ 8x8 \ 8x8

You can help us learn more about the ways that our sector is or is not investing in continued learning and growth. Our nonprofit professional development report will be published in March. The more organizations represented, the stronger the data.

Please take our survey , and share it with others at your organization.

Thank you!


great survey, and it is useful to our organizations

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