Ogiek community visit

Yesterday I learn a lesson that we cannot empower Ogiek community to protect their land without improving social services in this community. No school and health centre, poor road. The question is how can we advocate for these service deliveries? This is one of the approach that can help and show government present in the area and defend Ogiek settlement in this forest.



The support for policy reform are good for long term but has complimented with a holistic approach package which take into consideration the community livelihoods support and capacity building training. Yesterday, I well notice that children of Ogiek community of Sasamani tricks for distance 4hrs every day. this remind my own life when I was growing up tricking down in morning and climbing the hills in the evening. The open filed place we meet with community were supposed to a community school. But it the project was abandoned.

True.There is high need for multi-approaches to the Ogiek issues

The project officers will have to advocate for the same through the existing government system. we had the same problems in the areas we worked and we had to mobilize community to organize their resources and start construction of their school. After several months of mobilization, we came into consensus with the community that they would collect stones, gravel, and labor work of digging the foundation of the school. We would support them with cements to make bricks, pay the contractor and roofing of the two class rooms, one two teachers houses, Toilets, and teachers offices. We then involved the leaders in the area and they accepted the idea and then we submitted the request to the District council where they gave their technical team to come to evaluate the proposed school site and after they realized community commitment of building their school, it challenged them to the extend that they promised to construct other three classrooms. As we talk today, we have supported the communities building four full primary schools through the same approach. We also use the harambee/Local Fund raising system which political leaders would like to use for political space creations. For us it doesn’t matter, what matters more is community service to be accessible in their nearby locations. In the case of Ogiek the same approach may be applied to target the leaders of the area but community has to show their commitment so that when they submit their requisitions, already they have something in their hands and NOT empty handed.

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