Ok Tedi Environmental Damage Case

Madame, Indigenous Land-rights require legislative intervention and protection especially with our experience with alien land grab and State encroachment of customary which we believe is allodial in native title. Our Constitution protects native land-rights but the government ignores that this constitutional provision exists. Legal empowerment is essential to address such abuses from a third referee which the UN and its arms can develop to protect native land and property rights where environmental damage is visible. The OK Tedi environmental damage case is astronomical no financial package can fix. If am not making sense please offer your views. Many thanks.

Hello @serihegame! Welcome to the network! We are so glad you are here. :sunflower: Thank you for starting a topic about the OK Tedi Environmental Damage Case. For those less familiar with the case, I have shared a wikipedia link below. Are there more and better links you can share for background? What more can you tell us about it from your experience? What concrete actions can fellow network members take to help your cause? Are there learnings you can share to help prevent situations such as this from happening in other parts of the world?

State Governments must ensure that damage to environment is minimized and sometimes check with native landowners on their input to the consequences which in this case cannot be restored. It is a sad story when the benefits to the affected people is minimal. A contract clause must be included for local content and paralegal workers can be allowed to mitigate with State and Developers on such projects like OK Tedi. It is getting worse. thanks for the quick response.

There is further complaints of Oil spill in Kura River in Western Province which needs to be investigated by specialists and we believe environmental damage to the river habitat and generally riparian rights is an issue for recompense to the people.

Hello @tobiaseigen As you know, Ok Tedi is a big disaster environmentally and we need experts probably environmental scientists and environmental lawyers as it is also a riparian rights case in our view. Since your post no remedy to lessen the damage has taken place. It requires urgent attention. The Kura River Oil Spill is another disaster environmentally in South Fly in Western Province and we need experts who can verify source and extent of damage. serihegame