On a sad note a mother in Kenya gives a blessed Quinuplets Birth. Hits the headlines only to lose all

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On a sad note a mother in Kenya gives a blessed Quintuplets Birth. Hits the headlines only to lose all. Reason lack of proper equipment. Although the babies were under weight at 1.7kg. In her statement she states that this was her 5th pregnancy and she was expecting only a child. She was not able to scan for lack of funds.

Like many this is how we lose new borns including mothers everyday. Mostly in maginalized or rural areas.

Devolution is just started but again politics has the better or upper hand.

How do other women in the other world overcome.

Thank you .

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This is indeed a sad story you are sharing as it highlights the real cost in human suffering when people lack access to basic health services. One example of how this is approached in other countries is Mozambique, where Namati has been involved in promoting a model with health advocates working at the community level to support the efforts of government health services. This article by @elliefeinglass @nadjagomes and @vivekmaru covers it nicely:

Incidentally, I googled “quadruplets kenya” and there are some headlines from the past, but here’s one from Murang’a in August which is I believe your area and so probably the one you’re talking about. I did not see the later news that the mother and babies perished - this is the latest news item which is still a positive feel good story. Can you share the link to the later update if you can find it?

Thank you Toby. The mother is alive. Its the kids that passed on. 2 shortly after delivery. 3 the following day. I just shared a yutube on Namati web. Homabay Quads. Am active for i found home in Namati.

I guess I got confused - quad means 4, but maybe you are talking about quintuplets which is 5 babies. Either way it is a tragedy that they all passed away. So sad.

Can you share the link here? You can put the link on its own line and it will embed automatically.

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Thank you @tobiaseigen English is not ma language Hahaha

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