[Online Workshop] Data & Markets in East Africa:Sep 1 to 3 (including session on digital identity)

The Developing Data project, organized by CIPESA, Strathmore University’s Centre of Intellectual Property & Information Technology (CIPIT), and the University of Edinburgh’s Centre of African Studies (CAS), is hosting an online workshop on the economies of digital data in East Africa from September 1 to 3, 2020.

Session topics include regulating data, digital identity, and equity & inclusion in data economies, among others.

The full program is below - and you can get further details about the workshop, speakers, and how to register here.

If you attend, please feel free to share new learning or reactions here on the forum!

Workshop Program

1 September

1300-1430 EAT: Regulating Data (11.00-12.30 BST): This panel will focus on the ways in which data markets co-evolve with legal frameworks and evaluate the challenges that remain for regulators in East Africa.

1500-1630 EAT: The Growth of East Africa’s Data Economy (13.00-14.30 BST): This session will investigate how data is transforming private enterprise, at look at the implications for employment, competitiveness, and industrial policy.

2 September

1300-1430 EAT: Data + Money (11.00-12.30 BST): This theme looks at how data became a resource for financial services, how value is created, and how information is controlled.

1700-1830 EAT: Data + Digital Labour (15.00-16.30 BST): This panel will consider what kind of digital tasks are being performed, where they are done, who is performing them, and for whom.

3 September

1300-1430 EAT: Surveillance, Privacy & Identification (11.00-12.30 BST): This session explores the drivers, politics, and struggles around digital identity.

1500-1630 EAT: Equity & Inclusion in Data Economies (13.00-14.30 BST): This theme aims to provide some context and empirical evidence to sustain a thoughtful, productive engagement on the question of how to create inclusive and equitable data economies.

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I would like to participate in this workshop

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Hi @DanielNganga! Glad to hear this workshop looks interesting to you - you can register through this link.

After you attend, feel free to share any new insights in this thread!