Open Society Foundation launches a new "shared framework" on legal empowerment

Goal: develop nationwide approaches to community-based justice services in 9 countries. We will be connecting network members with opportunities and learning that grow out of this. Check out this essay by shared framework team leader and legal empowerment all star Zaza Namoradze.


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Quite inspirational. My prayer is that the ‘empowerment framework’ will be a resounding success in all 9 countries so it can really be scaled up.

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@vivekmaru @lauragoodwin @micahperlin @michaelotto @nomboniso during my visit to the advice centers in South Africa this came up, they are in the process of developing a shared database where all the community advice centers should up load their data. I can only imagine how the database will look like with over 312 advice centers uploading their data. The things I would be most interested with are:

  1. How they handle data security
  2. Can other centers access the data of the clients of the other centers? How do they deal with confidentiality of client’s data?
  3. How do they track data error?
  4. Since its going to be based in a server in one of the organisations what back up mechanisms will they employ?

This is a very interesting project that we should keep an eye on I believe we can learn from it. I think the database was to go live by the end of this year.


Thank Mustafa , this will be great if you can have such data base in Nigeria to capture data of marginazaled communities who are in need of paralegal empowerment and capacity building to better engage our policy makers to do the needful to stop violence and youth poverty. prince Israel Orekha, just let you know we just open a facebook page paralegal Empowerment Association of Nigeria , sir how can we get such data track and collection training?

@princeisraelorekha how many paralegals do you have? Do you currently document your work? How do you track your cases?

Thanks Mustafa we just started our paralegal initiative,just after our interview with Namatis Team Paralegalis new here

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I would like to share this comment by @nomboniso and invite her to the discussion on how the shared frame work will work in South Africa

Greetings from a very cold South Africa. Thanks Mustafa and Michael for nudging us. Yes, Nadcao has formalised a relationship with the Legal Aid South Africa, where we are floating our case data on their system. It will be an incremental process but the overall goal is for all 312 community advice offices to have a shared source of data and case statistics. I will ask Khanyisile to share a dummy link of that system, and others can play around with it and see how it feels, we acknowledge the support of the Open Society Justice Initiative, for their inputs, resources, support and advices as we navigated this pretty complex process, including the dialogue sessions we had with the sector to agree on this data management platform.