Our network has a new look! News on our updated name & logo

We are excited to unveil a fresh new look for our network! We have an updated name and logo, which we will begin using in communications going forward.

Why we needed a new brand

This network belongs to all of us. Our “brand” should represent who we are as a collective. To date, however, we had not used a distinctive brand. Instead, we borrowed from Namati branding, which caused confusion. Namati convenes the network - playing a role similar to a secretariat. But all of the key priorities, strategies, and activities are driven by members. More and more, members from around the world are taking up key leadership roles within the network. We need a brand that represents that.

The process we followed

Network members participated in the branding process at several stages. The proposal to develop a new brand for the Network was initially raised at a meeting of the Network Guidance Committee. The Committee gave input on a new name and approved next steps. The Namati team conducted a survey of network members broadly to gather opinions, and finalized a name based on the aggregated feedback. We then hired a designer to draft a logo concept, running various versions of the logo by core members before selecting a final look.

Our updated name

Until now, our formal name was the “Global Legal Empowerment Network.” What a mouthful! We are shortening our name to the “Legal Empowerment Network” - it’s a bit easier to say. But rest assured we will continue to describe our network as a global community.

The majority of network members feel that legal empowerment—helping people to know, use, and shape the law to address injustice— is at the heart of our community. Many of us are pushing for the term “legal empowerment” to be more recognized and commonly used. Committing to the term in our name is a way to advance that goal.

The fact that it is not very different from the original name also offers continuity.

Our new logo

Our new logo represents our efforts to build a global movement for legal empowerment. The vibrant colors represent the dynamism and energy of our community. The seven arrows represent the seven continents - and thus the global scope of our network. The blue arrows, pointing inward, represent members coming together to learn from and collaborate with each other. The orange arrow, pointing outward, represents the change that our collective actions are making in the world. While many of our activities are aimed at building capacity and forging connections, they ultimately feed into a goal with greater impact: justice for all, in a world where people can freely exercise their rights and have a say in the decisions that affect them.

What’s next

Over the coming weeks, expect to see the new brand being applied to network-related pages on our website, on social media, and in promotional materials for network-led initiatives such as webinars, learning exchanges, and the leadership course. For now, we will retain co-branded social media accounts with Namati, but will continue to discuss the possibility of having a separate website and social media channels for the network in the future. As we roll out newly branded webpages, we apologize for any glitches that arise; please flag any issues you see with us.

We hope you are as thrilled about our new brand as we are, and that it will help us to be even more effective in our grassroots justice work and advocacy. Feel free to ask any questions, we’ll try to answer them all here!


It is very beautiful the logo alone carries a significant informations. Anyone took part in this new look I say to you, “Bravo”.


Well articulated. When time comes, changes are inevitable. This branding is giving the movement new energy towards advocating justice to human rights.


Very Symbolic and meaningful interpretation. More power to Legal Empowerment Network. Best Wishes


good logo with Very Symbolic and meaningful interpretation

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Me encanta esa propuesta!¡

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