OvioHub Open Impact - proposal deadline 20 August, 2018


(Tobias Eigen) #1

Thanks @staceycram for sharing this opportunity. If any members decide to submit, let us know here how it goes! :seedling: :sunflower: :robot:

OvioHub - deadline for submissions 20 August

We invite for-impact organisations with technology challenges to submit project proposals. Selected projects will be matched with talented students, mentored by senior software engineers! Anything technologically challenging and impactful internally or externally! Web-app, chatbot, mobile-app, game, algorithms or data management tools (eg. impact/grant reporting)…

You are a nonprofit, a social impact organization or a local government and you have a technological challenge, look no further! You can learn more about our process here.

Learn more here:

Direct link to the application form: Nonprofit Form

(Mary Oyier) #2

This I’s wonderful opportunity to the youth. Sharing

(Mohamed Abass Sankoh) #3

Thanks for that email, I am planning to submit a proposal for this opportunity. Please help me know how it goes or how to go about it.



(Tobias Eigen) #4

Great! Glad to hear you will apply for this opportunity. Keep us posted as you move along! I added the link to details and the application to my post above, and here: Nonprofit Form

(Ayotunde Adefowoju) #5

great deal i will contribute by apply for this form

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