Paralegal empowerment in LGBTIQ community

Hello, I am Baya from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I am legal programme manager of the LGBT centre. So I want to know that does anyone implement paralegal project among the LGBTIQ community?


Yes, in our organization one of the board members is a community paralegal who stands in and supports LGBTI persons who have been arrested at the police stations. He most times stands as surety for them to get bail or police bond


Dear! Thank you very much. please we would like to share experience with your LGBTQI+ paralegal project.


Hi @Baldangombo , I am an Executive Director and Director Legal Aid Services Division of TRIUMPH UGANDA, an LGBTQ found and led organisation in Uganda. As part of our access to justice programme, we run an LGBTQ community Paralegal programme, equiping members with information on Human Rights, the criminal and Civil justice systems in Uganda. The participants are then strategically positioned in their localities as first responders to cases of Human Rights violations in liaison with our legal officers at the organisation. Our first cohort was passed out in February 2021. You can read more on our twitter handle; @triumphuganda14.


not really but we have a concept that we wish to use in raising funds for their program

Great to read about your model, thank you for sharing! I’m really interested to learn more: can all of you share a bit about the types of cases your community paralegals support with? What are the most frequent justice needs that arise within the LGBTQ+ community?

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Akhila am with the Police Accountability Team but we also handle forced eviction cases and SGBV case’s and child right cases and more importantly, we go around the Community’s doing presentations and impacting the law into the hearts of those who are ready to learn to know their rights

Hi Akhilla, in the Ugandan context where same sex sexual acts are criminalised and homophobia is rife, paralegals are more relevant in the criminal justice system. We give them a three model training on both justice systems but cases that are common are; arrests by the police, homophobic violence, illegal evictions by landlords/land ladies among others. In all those cases paralegals act as fast responders especially to bridge the human resource gap caused by funding deficits. For arrests by police officers, paralegals are able to negotiate police bond or police release pending completion of the cases. a lawyer takes over from that stage to court process if the case is not dropped or the accused is not released on bond. Paralegals also educate their community peers on human rights, the law etc using simplified versions prepared by the organisation. In Uganda, police raids of shelters housing homeless LGBTQ persons are common and the ratio of of LGBT community access to justice and service providers are possibly 1 to 1000 ( At most only three known legal aid service providers to the LGBT community in Uganda and TRIUMPH UGANDA is the only known community-led legal aid-specific service provider.