Paralegal empowerment in LGBTIQ community

Hello, I am Baya from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I am legal programme manager of the LGBT centre. So I want to know that does anyone implement paralegal project among the LGBTIQ community?


Yes, in our organization one of the board members is a community paralegal who stands in and supports LGBTI persons who have been arrested at the police stations. He most times stands as surety for them to get bail or police bond

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Dear! Thank you very much. please we would like to share experience with your LGBTQI+ paralegal project.

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Hi @Baldangombo , I am an Executive Director and Director Legal Aid Services Division of TRIUMPH UGANDA, an LGBTQ found and led organisation in Uganda. As part of our access to justice programme, we run an LGBTQ community Paralegal programme, equiping members with information on Human Rights, the criminal and Civil justice systems in Uganda. The participants are then strategically positioned in their localities as first responders to cases of Human Rights violations in liaison with our legal officers at the organisation. Our first cohort was passed out in February 2021. You can read more on our twitter handle; @triumphuganda14.