Paralegal networks in Liberia

(Ailey Hughes) #1

Hello everyone, I’m interested in gathering more information on paralegal networks in Liberia. Which organizations support paralegals, if any? What topics have they been trained on? Are paralegals currently being used to support customary land rights?

Should the Land Rights Act pass, paralegals could play a critical role in raising awareness of land rights and of supporting the rights of vulnerable community members, especially women. I’d appreciate any thoughts or discussion on this topic.

(Marlon Manuel) #2

Hi Ailey,

There is an interesting post on Liberia and the CSOs Working Group on Land Rights Reform that you will find here:

Let us request @alikaba to provide some updates and information about the work of paralegals in Liberia.

(Ailey Hughes) #3

Yes, that would be great!

(Ailey Hughes) #4

Hi Marlon,

Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention! As you may be aware, a revised version of the Land Rights Act has recently passed the Senate and is now before a joint committee. Thanks to the CSO Working Group’s years of dedication and hard work, the Act may finally be adopted.



(Niasehkar Gluaseay) #5

Hey Ailey, Thanks for the inquest. I have been consulting with the House of Representative working to ensure that the Land Right Act got into structural perspective and got passed into law. We were successful to have it passed into law this September. We are hopeful stakeholders can begin designing programs for awareness. The Liberian Law Society has taken the lead in doing this and if you could contact them, you will have more vital information on paralegal groups who are involved.

(Ailey Hughes) #6

Thank you, Nisaehkar! Would you be willing to PM me with a recommended contact at the Liberian Law Society? I’ll try to schedule a meeting during my next visit.

(Niasehkar Gluaseay) #7

OK Ailey, I will try and make contact with someone from there and share the information with you before by Wednesday this week. I will be glad to meet you too.



(Niasehkar Gluaseay) #8

Dear Ailey,

Please contact Atty. Samual Kofi Woods to set up your meeting with the Liberia Law Society. His contact number is : +231777014812. I didn’t manage to obtain his email address. I will work to obtain it though.



(Ailey Hughes) #9

Thank you, Nisaehkar! I’ll try to connect with him on my next trip. On another note, are you acquainted with my colleague, Emmanuel Urey? He moved back to Liberia in June to work with Landesa and has been active in the movement to pass the LRA.

(Niasehkar Gluaseay) #10


I’m sorry I do not know or haven’t met Emmanuel Urey. However, I’m willing to look him up and meet with him if the clear information on how to locate him is provided. I guess this will be an opportunity for us to share more on this subject.

Best regards,


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