Paralegal training manuals available for Pakistan


(Michael Otto) #1

Recently there were two very comprehensive paralegal training manuals published for use in Pakistan that I wanted to share with the network. They are structured by sections on paralegal knowledge, skills, and values, making them a worthy example of paralegal curriculum. You can find them at the following links:

Let us know your thoughts and hope they are useful to our Pakistani friends in the network and elsewhere as an example training curriculum. @khatibahmed, @Ahmar @Raza @razaali @Asif @Azaz @Soomro @salmazeb @arshidjan @MalikTahir_Iqbal @Shagufta @OmarManiar @asifkhan Thanks to @lottateale for sharing these with us.

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(Ahmar Majeed) #5

Dear Michael,

I am one of the co-author of this manual, and have written few legal chapter in this manual and reviewed all the legal chapters. I hope that this manual will kick start the paralegal services which are missing in Pakistan.


Ahmar Majeed Advocate High Court Managing Partner RDLC 4-Nabha Road, Lahore Office No: 0423 7116966 Mobile No: 0300 4484383

(Tobias Eigen) #6

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This is to share with that I am in need of training manual for paralegal for community . Can u help to have the manual.

Please take a look at these links, which are specific to your country.

(Saif ud Din) #7

Thank u so much Tibias this is really great and workable. Do u have short vedio for training regarding paralegal in order to play in training session…realated to Pakistan.

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