Parents and children in Festival

Being lost can be absolutely terrifying moments for parents and children so getting reunited as soon as possible is really important. And although you know they will be OK in the end, the experience can still be pretty traumatic even if it’s only a few moments. During this Festival seasons we have witnessed an increase of cases, at least in one week 5 Early marriage cases have been identified and perpetrator brought to book and 20 domestic violence issues have been settled through mediation in my communities. Most community paralegals we had to spend most of our time supporting parents looking for children. Two Peer counseling session being conducted children raised issues that need collective efforts to address. What best information do you think that need to be shared with parents/guardian during this Festival seasons to guarantee child protection?


Oui, je suis d’accord avec vous, la médiation dans les familles est très importante. Les assistants juridique communautaires dans la recherche des enfants jouent un rôle capital, et ce rôle doit être renforcer avec l’implication d’autres acteurs communautaires pour bien mener un plaidoyer commun !