Peace activity

Good evening all. Am Mary Oyier. On 4/11 this Saturday we had a beautiful activity that i feel is great to share. We are volunteers and had arrange for a small community gathering talk as my Country is On election row standstill. We approached a bus Company on Cutting Coast as we were to visit a home of the elderly. The bus Company jointly called the other competitors and by 9am we had like 9 buses with Goodies for the elderly. The Youth turn out was good for the buses took Mombasa by storm. Hooting, Singing. Promising Cohesion and Coexist was the Theme


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Mambo Mary! Welcome to the community. We are glad you are here and appreciate you informing us of this peace activity you organized in Mombasa. Wow! I love the photo, and love the idea of collaborating with bus companies to promote peaceful coexistence and cohesion. Well done and keep up the good work! :bus: :peace_symbol: :kenya:

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