Personal story: using social media to defend health rights in Kaduna, Nigeria

On the 5th of October 2019, I went to National Ear Care Center, Kaduna, Nigeria for medical consultation for my daughter.

At the hospital I was asked to buy a card. I went to meet others in numbers awaiting for the cashier. So I joined in the waiting.

After 20 minutes I became uneasy about the whole issue. So I walk back to two sitting nurses at counter to ask the whereabout of the cashier. They pointed at him, whom was with them at the counter explaining one or two things to a client together with the nurses. I asked him if he is the one? He said yes.

I asked why is he leaving his work as cashier to do what’s not his duty. That he should please come and attend to us. Funny enough for the 20 minutes we were awaiting, he was just looking at us there as nothing matters. He politely apologized and returned to his duty post. They two nurses were not happy with my confrontation.

Then I met with the doctor and was referred to the two nurses for treatment for 6 days to tge nurses. Then the two nurses disappeared at the counter. After waiting for 30 minutes for them, I became uneasy again. So I asked if they are engaged with a patient or what? I went back to the doctor that I can not find the nurses on duty. The doctor took me to a room that I should knock and check on them there.

When I knocked and opened the door, these two nurses were lying down doing just nothing. They rather asked me who showed me the room. I told them it’s the doctor. They said I should go and wait that they are coming. I went back to wait.

After 20 minutes, these nurses never came. Then I began to display. I asked if I can see the medical director of the center that I have a complaint to make. Everybody jumped.

I traced the office of the medical director but was not on seat being that today is Saturday. Then I returned back to the nurses. Immediately another nurse showed up that she is here for my issue.

Within 3 minutes the nurse had finished her work perfectly. In a matter that took me almost an hour in waiting.

I then posted my experience on my Facebook which has generated such much heat nationally.

On 6th October 2019

I was booked for 8am for dressing of my 7 years old daughter whom is the patient. By 7.30am she has started crying that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital based on past experience in the center. I persuaded her till noon when she agreed to come with me for the treatment. On reaching the center, the whole staffs descended verbally in attempt intimadate me that I went to social media. After treatment, the gate of the center was locked against us. They requested that I see the Chief Medical Director.

I met with him and he accused me of smearing the image of the center and that they will deal with me legally for defamation. I told him to go ahead and requested he plays the CCTV and watch.

My daughter had told me that please I shouldn’t take her to the center again as she is tramatized. And I have lost trust on the center wholly and would not been going there any longer, even as I look for alternative solution to her speedy medical attention.

I am awaiting their legal suit even as I challenge their use of my videos and pictures of myself and my two minors without my consent during our today’s visit on the social media.

They want to use their might to clamp my voice but that’s going to be impossible if we keep quiet about it.

After gathering over 1500 comments and same as likes, over 750 shares on Facebook on the injustice in health care system in Nigeria in 2 days, the National Ear Care Center, Kaduna, Nigeria have suddenly bowed. They have tendered me apology which is not justice to me.

They twisted the picture. But minding, I am still on the road to rights to health care justice in Nigeria.

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