PhD Researcher Looking for an Organisation Working on Land Protection in Tanzania

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Good day. I am looking for an organisational setting to support my PhD field research in Tanzania. My research is concerned with the political economy of large-scale land acquisition and the rights to adequate food in Tanzania. My approach is a socio-legal understanding of the capabilities of small-scale producers or farmers to make use of the law and the degree to which ‘the law’ respects, protects and fulfils the rights of these individuals. To understand political and economic processes such as the relationships, incentives, and distribution and contestation of power between state, non-state actors and citizens.

I intend to do my field research is three purposefully selected communities in Tanzania, with different customary beliefs and land use patterns i.e. farmers, pastoralists and hunting communities. My research is archival in nature, visiting court records, newspaper records and talking to elders in the community. I will also have ethnographic engagements with the local communities, where I intend to stay for some months, engaging and understanding their perception of the (land) law.

Because of the of the para-legal focus of the Global Legal Empowerment Network, I am seeking to partner or work with organisations or enthusiasts in Tanzania, to have an organisational structure within which I can carry out my research. I hold a B.Sc. in Biochemistry (Cameroon), B. Hons. Engineer in Agribusiness and Business Administration (The Netherlands), MSc. in Agricultural Food Production and Environmental Protection with emphasis on social conditions of agriculture and the rights to food (Germany). I am now doing my PhD. in International and Rural Development at the University of Reading in the UK.

Kindly contact me for more details and ways in which I can collaborate to strengthen partnerships and contribute to your efforts in the para-legal debate. At the same time, I look forward to gaining from your experiences and to carrying out my field research in Tanzania. I am also very open to ideas.

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Hi there and welcome to the network! Your research sounds very interesting. I think the :mag: search will be your friend here on the forum. You will find some Tanzanians that way as well as discussions on topics related to your research where you can contribute and ask your questions. Also as a discussion based community, you will find people who share your interests by asking specific questions related to your research.

Here’s a good place to start:

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Also you may try connecting with these network members who work on land issues in Tanzania from a legal empowerment approach, they participated in last year’s Learning Exchange on Community Land Protection in East Africa @FloraMasoy @TimothyYaile @KondeiMakko

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Please team up with TIFPA. E-Mail [email protected]. Zuberi Ngoda.

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