Place Your Vote for Women's Rights Webinar Series Topics!

Last month, the network team requested suggestions for women’s rights webinar topics and we received some amazing responses from members.

Using those comments and suggestions, we created the following poll to gauge interest in topics within women’s rights that could become potential webinars. We would appreciate your feedback - please add your vote to the poll below and select the topics you most want to see included in the Network’s women’s rights webinar series! You can also leave a comment below to tell us more about your choice or to recommend a webinar presenter.

  • Land rights
  • Religious/cultural Practices
  • Legal empowerment strategies practitioners can use
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Women being change agents within legal empowerment (Leadership)

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Hi, Can you be a little bit more specific about what some of these topics mean? For example, what does religious/cultural practices mean? Is “legal empowerment strategies practitioners can use” focused on "can use to reach women? can use to address GBV? something else? Thank you, I’m excited for this webinar!


Thank you MayaReddy, I have already voted. I’m interested joining in webner discourse, though there are some obstacles like internet bundle char


Hi Caitlin,

The topics are supposed to be general categories that will become more specific webinar topics.

The religious/cultural practices topic would focus on how religious or cultural elements are used in different countries to impede women’s rights efforts. Legal empowerment strategies practitioners can use is more focused on different ways for practitioners to address any women’s rights oriented cases, which would include GBV.

Hopefully this was helpful, let me know if you have any other questions!


The poll will close on Monday, June 26th, so place your vote! Also, if anyone is interested in being a part of a women’s right advisory group of network members to provide us guidance on resources and webinars, please private message me or comment below.


@MayaReddy, Hi Maya, I am a new member and missed the poll. I would be interested in assisting with the webinars!