Policy enforcement

We give birth to alot of ideas, policies and solutions to legal problems hence providing legal aid enabling our societies to live justly and fairly. Taking u to the roots of our societies all and most of the societies have laws but still their are facing alot of injustices due to the failure of implementing wat is meant by the law into action relating this matter to our net work alot of worthy needed to be implemented legal advises, policies and solutions are generated but how can we improvise on their implementation to ensure that we have a injustice free society

As all we are treated equally before the law, still also let us never stop to spread, communicate and educate, globally to people about our Network and it’s policies let us rest atleast when we are sure that we are surviving by an ambassador or representative atleast in most of the countries on the globe. In Africa infrignment of rights of citizens is the order of the day done all day and night but as, we concerned citizen,paralegals,lawyers, solicitors,we cannot search for solutions and accept living them on our website forum we really need to find mean and strong ones for enforcing our policies it’s agood network and AFRICA NEEDS U MOST in the coming hours am to shade u apicture on the rights existing in Africa and how they are infringed by the govt due to covid 19 control measures, no education, people are dieing, imprisoned without trial,tortured, restricted to movement etc