Political violence and violation of the constitution in Zambia

I’m very concerned about the level of political violence and violation of the constitution in Zambia, Zambia believes in constitutionalism and Christianity and Zambian constitution which is the supreme law of the land is clear when it come to violation of any act of Parliament.

But it is saddening to see the people that are given the authority to enforce, interpret and most of all to protect the constitution are now using that same authority to suppress the opposing parties which is unacceptable. The police are abusing the public order act which give right to persons to assemble provided the notification of Assembly is availed to the police, just to protect the party in power and there job. The police service has gone against the provisions of the constitution by turning itself into a police force. This makes the minority or minority citizens to loose confidence in the government institutions e.g the judiciary, the anti corruption commission to mention the few . Freedom of expression is now limited and this has resulted in political violence and tension in Zambia. These should be the matters of rule of law and not political matters.

The dialogue process between the ruling party and the opposition which is the only hope the people has to unit the country is taking long to take off. The people don’t know what there future will be like if these problems are not resolved. The violence is the order of the day in a (Christian nation).

Zambia really needs the international help if peace is to be restored.

Jei Chiila
Constitutionalism lawyer

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Greetings to you all members.

My concerns today is the level of political violence in Zambia’s capital Lusaka and in particular chilanga were we are having by-elections. It is of great concern to see how the politcal party cadres has resorted to the use violence while the party leaders and law enforcenent agents are there watching just to win the seat,and the partiality inforcement of the law by the police and the ECZ is indeed disappointing.

The chilanga citizens are not able to campaign free for fear of being harassed and brutally beaten with the full knowledge of our enforcement agents who are only there just to selectively enforcing the law.

Zambia is no longer a rule of law dispensation and no longer live on one Zambia one nation motto and I even doubt if these politicians still rember that zamba is declared a christian nation by our supreme law of our land ( the constitution ) which they have no regards whatsoever. We don’t know what next because all arms of government are compromise.


Legal counsel.

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the wind of violence shall one day surpass in developing countries… Zambia shall one day learn from a country like Kenya where an olive branch of peace was extended to the opposition leader which calmed the country as reconciliation is now the main agenda since the day of the general elections that saw many people die and a state of fear emerged as the economy was on a brink…I sometimes support President Donald Trump when he said some African Countries should be colonized again because such political greed kills the nation . we should emulate South Africa and Brazil where Presidents can be sentenced or tried in courts without fear or compromise