Politics of sexual work

Dear colleagues I share with you a few of a very interesting interviews as we discussed in the 2019 Legal Empowerment Leadership Course. The videos are interviews of Maggie Mcneil. She is a whore (like she like to be called) feminist theorist which advocates for the freedom of sexual work. She has a very compelling arguments for you that advocate for the decriminalization of sexual work and for the freedom of sexuality. I hope it helps to the work that @margaritahops @obuzovici @Marthaopilli are doing and all the others that works with sex workers.

It would be nice if we can have a discussion of the videos or if you know other resources please share.

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Dear Fernando :slight_smile:

Thank you very very much for sending me the videos fast :slight_smile:

We will be in contact.

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Fernando, Thanks a LOT! “Words do matters!” Great audio (just listened the first one)!

I’m also open to share info if I have something…including interesting on te subject :slight_smile
Also open to have a discution.

Have great holidays!


Just got to watch the vedeos today…wooow very insightful discussions .

I hope your new year is getting a long well.


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