Poll: Do you need pro bono legal support?

We are looking into ways to pair our network members with pro bono legal support from global law firms. We’d like to gauge our community’s interest in this opportunity.

Law firms can help civil society organizations with a range of legal issues, such as conducting legal research; advising on employment contracts, leases, MOUs (memorandums of understanding) or personnel policies; assisting with registration, regulatory compliance, court proceedings, and more. The nature of the work can be up to you.

Would you, as a civil society organization promoting legal empowerment, be interested in pro bono legal services? Please answer the poll below.

  • Yes, my organization would find pro bono legal services helpful
  • No, my organization does not need pro bono legal services

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If you answered “yes,” please elaborate on what you need help with, or the kind of legal service you’d find valuable. The more information we have on the needs of our members, the better we will be able to match you with helpful opportunities! Thank you in advance for your input.


Thanks for sharing this information

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I am fighting a legal case which is violation of employment laws as the founders of the company forced employees to sign a 20 year contract which is more like a “bonded labor” contract. I am fighting the case since 8 years now - a case which should have closed in no time. But such is the legal system. I have spent lot of money and a pro-bono support will be great at this stage as it has reached evidence stage now. Thanks


I hope you will succeed in this case. Please don’t give up


@Mona - Thank you for helping us understand your needs. I’m sorry this case has been so arduous for you and your clients. Keep fighting the good fight!


strong advice. Success legal empowerment need strong commitment

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Thanks for the information. Our organization would benefit from legal advice on steps to take on issues of compensation for compulsory land takes, benefits due to community members for communal resources once land is taken, Resettlements, approvals of Environmental and social impact studies without assurances to raised concerns and trainings in how to engage with legal processes.


Our legal empowerment program currently consists of 5 components: free legal clinics, case resolution (civil only, not criminal), adult legal education workshop, adult and children educational charlas (more rights-based) and research. Specifically, we would benefit from having more lawyers assist during the free legal clinics and another lawyer to assist our current full-time lawyer with case management and follow up. Lastly, our research is very new and we don’t have sufficient time nor technical expertise in qualitative and quantitative grassroots research design. So having guidance there would also be valuable.


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