Poll: How can the network team help you during this pandemic?

During this pandemic, our global community is well placed to support those most in need and to care for each other. Members of our team are on hand and we are looking to find out how we can best support you! One suggestion that we have is to host a number of webinars or virtual roundtables. We are going to kick this off with a general Justice During a Pandemic webinar on April 14th, 10AM EST, but there are so many topics that deserve more focused attention. We are conducting a quick poll to see what would be of most interest - Please vote below or add suggestions about what you would rather discuss in the comments below.

  • Ways to reduce violence against women and ensure justice for women during a pandemic
  • Protecting civic space and access to information during a pandemic
  • Sustaining environmental gains when the pandemic is over
  • Protecting grassroots justice defenders and human rights during a pandemic
  • Financing for COVID-19 should support legal empowerment efforts
  • Supporting prisoners rights during a pandemic
  • Protecting frontline health workers and rights of patients
  • Preventing evictions and ensuring housing rights
  • Legal Empowerment during a pandemic: Lessons from ebola affected countries
  • Protecting the rights of those without legal identity, refugees and those living in IDP camps/detention centers

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If there are other ways that you think our team can support you right now, please let us know.

Stay safe and healthy.


Protect grassroots justice defenders and human rights during pandemic

  1. Monitoring international cross borders.
  2. Effects of the pandemic on spiritual and education perfomances.
  3. The challenged persons,seeking and acessing prevention and treatment of the pandemic.
  4. Refugees and the pandemic.
  5. Pastoralists lifestyle and the pandemic what is the rationale?

Sheela Patel, founder of Shack Dwellers International (SDI), shares some priorities that they have identified in the current COVID-19 crisis and that they would like our support with somehow:

  • To monitor evictions in cities that are either already taking place or are being discussions to improve the byline of the city and slums are “unhygienic” would be good to have you monitor this while we address the challenges of supporting our national federations to help people survive the curfews.

  • Ensure that the countries that are under curfew ensure that those working informally do not lose their jobs.

  • That wherever financial assistance is being announced that it reaches the most vulnerable.

As Sheela says:

We need human rights groups to work with us as we struggle to maintain survival support to the urban poor.