Pooled Funds for Legal Representation

@danielsesay @sonkitaconteh could you provide some more information on the process in Sierra Leone of advocating for a legal provision which requires firms interested in large-scale land acquisitions to contribute to a basket fund which supports legal representation via paralegals for land-owning communities? I’m very curious as to whether something similar makes sense to advocate for in Myanmar. I think it might be!

Are there other countries with similar provisions i.e. an explicit way the government generates revenues to pay for legal services?


I am interested to know too as we need same here in PNG

Welcome every one i am happy to be part of this platform, Legal problem is on the increase my country Nigeria even today i was on phone today with the president of Edo State Bar Association chairman who took the Government of Edo state Nigeria to Court for disbanding customary curt because of land use charges he impose on poor land owner. the Government has arrange for her to be removed from office. is this happening in other place?

It’s worse in corrupted Papua New Guinea and problems are huge in local land court’s, district and national court’s. And legal costs are so expensive, the grassroots are helpless