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Restorative justice is a culture of tribal custom, so the formal legal ramblings of a lawyer will find opposition from tribal leaders. In Yemen, we find that tribal custom confronts weak legal authorities mainly through tribal influence.

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Hello @abdulrhmanayeshsanah,

I was so happy reading your post because I am a lawyer based in Tanzania, East Africa and I always champion for restorative justice rather than retributive justice.

This is why Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is so important in resolving conflicts - it works to restore harmony rather than inflict punishment. These mechanisms provide an alternative to the court system, which can be lengthy, costly and lack privacy. In fact, ADR has been practiced in our tribes for centuries (not to say that some customs did not practice punishment on wrongdoers) and is only now gaining momentum in the legal field, especially in the African Context.

I will be happy to discuss more and share resources on restorative justice from the African context should you be interested in making a comparative analysis.


Yes, thank you . why not.


I will be happy to share them soon.