Possible multi-donor funding and other approaches to sustaining legal empowerment

Friends and colleagues,

I’m conducting research on the possibility of an international multi-donor fund for legal empowerment and grassroots justice. (Perhaps the term is clear, but by “multi-donor fund” I mean one to which several donors will jointly contribute.) The research is also examining other creative ways of sustaining possible legal empowerment work around the world. If you have any thoughts or information to share on the following, I’d welcome the help.

  1. In your country or elsewhere, are you aware of any multi-donor funds or other creative funding approaches for civil society organizations to carry out advocacy and services in specific sectors or more generally? If so, do they support legal empowerment work? And how have such funds or approaches worked out, in terms of progress or problems?
  2. What are your own thoughts on the best ways for funding your organization’s work, or getting help for raising your fundraising capacities, or otherwise helping legal empowerment to be financially sustainable?

If you have any relevant links, organizations, colleagues or other sources to refer me to in this research, I’d also welcome that help.

If for any reason anyone prefers to contact me via regarding this matter, please feel free to do so at sjgolub1@gmail.com.

Thanks very much!

Steve Golub


Thanks for sharing very useful topic.

Hi Steve,

ALG’s Environmental Defense Program (EnDefense) is a multi-donor fund that supports environmental litigation in the Philippines. Two Philippine based foundations support the fund - Forest Foundation and Foundation for the Philippine Environment. Recently, it received additional funding from RSF Social Finance (based in California). You can check the description of the program here.

If you need more information, you may ask ALG’s @Geneemislang and @fmybordey




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