Posts in Arabic

Are there any posts in arabic? I would love to use them as examples

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Sadly no but you are free to start some!

I was thinking we could start a category for Arabic if you like. Let me know. You would have To monitor it.

@mustafa_mahmoud I moved this into the moderators lounge so we can discuss as a team. :seedling:

Today I will take a look at hte categories according to my proposed list from last week - this will include adding a Languages category with the other language categories within it. This way we can add more language specific categories to encourage talking in more languages without creating a huge distracting list.

Thanks. It will help for especially for demonstrating to the Jordanian partners that discourse supports Arabic and that there are already posts in Arabic. I will try to monitor though I am not that advanced in Arabic. :wink:

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thanks, mustafa! is there someone you know who would be a good person to help with monitoring/nurturing/moderating discussions in arabic?

As of now I don’t have any but I will keep an eye on it as I am searching for one

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