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Hello Fellow Justice Defenders! I wanted to share a quick video with you that highlights my past, present, and future. I will be one of the participant presenters tomorrow and I hope that this gives you a little background as to who I am and why I do this work, which is more like Life than “work”. I hope we all rest well and I look forward to our tomorrow and beyond.

You can watch my video at JHODY | The Love Vote


Hey thanks Jhody, can’t seem to play video but it might be internet connection… Your presentation was fantastic and very compelling. We have a very impactful community org in my city of Brisbane that also works on similar projects. Sisters Inside: https://sistersinside.com.au/
CEO Debbie Kilroy is a lawyer and former prisoner and leads the movement for prison abolition in Queensland. Just dropping a name/org in case you are interested in checking out their work…



@monicataylor Due to privacy settings the video creator set, it won’t play automatically on our forum. I’ve set up a link to the website where you can watch it here. The clip is very compelling!


Thanks Madeline for fixing the video link. @JhodyPolk it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing it with the forum. :sunny:


Thank you. I will check this out

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Wonderful story. Best of luck.