Pralarg Int'l focuses on children in her enlightenment and paralegal training

In commemoration of this year’s Children’s Day celebration and in furtherance of its efforts to ensure that children are equipped with relevance provision of the fundamental human rights provided for in the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Prisons Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization Int’l (PRALARG INT’L) on Monday and Tuesday 28th and 29th May 2018 inducted and train over three hundred children in all the Southwest States in basic knowledge of the law and prevention of crime. The induction also included medical checkup for the children and topic on the discourage of use of hard drugs

This is in preparation for the children three days leadership and paralegal training camping coming up at the time of school vacation. The present-day human rights abuse prevalence in Nigeria is due to lack of knowledge of the majority of people in the criminal justice system in Nigeria hence, the need for Pralarg Int’l to build the children for the future. The participants were overwhelmed by the responses from the children on matters relating to the criminal justice system. A pralarg member whose child was part of the occasion said, ‘I don’t discuss an issue like this with him at home, I thought he is too young to know, not knowing he is already observing his environment’

Pralarg Int’l had trained ninety-five (95) children between the age of 7 to 16 years in leadership and paralegal training last year August and the feedback encourages

the organization to want to do more. Our major problem would be solved if more enlightenment is done at the grassroots level, communities, villages, religious organizations and all the stages of our educational institution in Nigeria, Comrade Pralagian Akinwunmi Olayemi, the CEO of Pralarg Int’l encourage all the children to read and understand the fundamental human rights as provided for in our constitutions, he reiterates pralarg int’l commitment to creating peaceful coexistence to prevent influx of people to prisons.