Pride Month 2022 in Uganda

It’s Pride Month and a unique-one for the LGBT+ community in Uganda! In this very month last year, a none profit I work with collaborated with other key players in the release of over 44 homeless LGBTQ young people who had been arrested while at their shelter in the capital of Uganda Kampala. They were subjected to media harassment and other forms of physical abuse including the dreaded and controversial forced anal medical examinations, an illegal procedure subjected onto persons suspected of having same sex but mostly males and Transgender women ostensibly to prove sexual Inter course as a way of supporting a court conviction. My team and partners were able to bail all Of them from prison at court level despite the COVID-19 restrictions. Those events falling within the pride month is an indicator of how much

access to justice and respect for human rights is a major struggle for LGBTQ community in Uganda. If you would like to learn more about the work my colleagues and I do in empowering our communities to demand for and access justice, reach out via my profile.

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