Proficiencies came by Nairobi Group from the Sphere they visited in Kibra


(Ahmed Ismail) #1

Wow! It was uniquely wonderful that the Nairobi Group have reaped tons and loads of skills and know-how from the sites they visited in Kibra. As a Group,we acquired a very influencing experiences from thee competent Paralegals we met with in Nubian Right Forum’s Office. The following are the some of the useful things we captured from them:

  • How to record client case in Salesforce
  • How to measure Paralegals performance using Salesforce
  • How to explore the substantiveness of the data collected by the Paralegals
  • How to track the quality of the raw facts gathered by the Paralegals
  • How to handle some cases of complex nature
  • The importance of keeping photocopies of document brought by a client for instance, a copy of an ID for reference or for the betterment of the client
  • The significance of educating the society towards their basic rights so as to invest in their life and live without discriminated by any person of any class
  • How they organize their Community Forums and disseminate the message of their Organization to a further places like schools -The working structure of their Paralegals, do they work full time or part time? And really many other valuable things. -They did show us how the vetting process work and who maintain it.

The Nairobi Group have heartfully appreciated the dedicated Community Elders who worked tirelessly every day regardless the obstacles they face from the Government. The Group as well, was moved by the sacrifices of very young Men and Women(Law students)who in spite of their own challenges in life, committed to aid their community.

Furthermore, in the process of learning and having legal exchanges, there were some insignificant or rather frail incidents that the Nairobi Group have experienced of which we thought, it was actually unnecessary or rather not deserved by anyone, neither us nor the Nubian Community to encounter with.

Here they are:

  • Unwilling Government Officials - good example was the Chief and the Sub-chief, from the little synergy we had, they exposed themselves as an Officials, who no matter what they do, they think, they are always right to an extent that even violating someone’s right is nothing to them. They were “mastermind”.
  • The District Commissioner - he did not show up since we were to have tête-à-tête conversation with him addressing the issue of Citizenship and Nationality instead, District Officer(DO) appeared unfortunately, his appearance was not prolific since he was the referee in our dialogue. He gave us conditions of which I later heard were not successful.

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