Progress updates from the learning exchange in Bangladesh with BNWLA

Hello! I wanted to highlight updates and progress on our individual work plans since the exchange program in Bangladesh with BNWLA. You could also use this post to ask questions or present obstacles that you may be facing for the group to give feedback as well.

I will start with an amazing update from @hlamyosu70, who already wrote this week:

When I came back from Namati Exchange Program, I have decided to work with Paralegals in my community. Now I’m so glad that we got 5 persons to work as volunteer Paralegal in my community.They make a connection between the Clients to us. That I see that they are so wishing to help and work in that field but I can’t give any support for them. That’s why there is no paralegal in my community before December. Now, starting this month, I get 5 persons. And also I got a lot of knowledge and learned from Bangladesh Exchange Program, that make me to start work like that.

That was very quick work to be sure and I wanted to share this with the group to congratulate @hlamyosu70’s efforts! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to communicate other issues that come up or positive progress that you may have as a result of our time together over the coming months to follow. @Wigayi, @fatimaadamu, @Jovin_Sanga, @YasmineNassef, @Zaw, @nantthithioo, @NisreenRammal, @Sawsanourallah, @SharifHassanein, @SamaaEtturkey, @Nidal, @nazeh, @mitali, @zannatborna, @abigailmoy


Hello Everyone, hope we are doing great. Great work Mya su, that was really fast, my advise is to think of retention at this stage. With us, we are working on our monitoring tools. Its taking a while because we are spreading the learnings from Bangladesh across all our Thematic areas and not just the paralegal services. we are also going on line with our data’s by integrating an on-line data base into our website. We have also worked around visibility and popularity by sharing an update on a paralegal with outstanding performance on the website quarterly. We are expanding towards 3 other states. We have also been in contact with the justice reform team of our state(the group in charge of the crisis centre). I have made a case to the chair but they want me to make a case to the larger group at their next meeting. I have prepared my slides for a 15 minutes presentation to capture the SARC and police centres in Bangladesh not leaving out the specific roles of paralegals. mapping of CSR companies ongoing. would love to hear from others.

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Thank you @fatimaadamu, it is interesting to read about progress already in such a short time! It is very encouraging to hear more about spreading what you learned across different thematic programs as well, BNWLA has some exceptional models to learn from in other areas of work. And your reaching out and discussing the possibility of expanding paralegal’s roles in the crisis centre has so much potential, especially as I am sure you will make a very compelling argument indeed - I think you could convince anyone! :smile:

I encourage anyone from the group to update this post as your work progresses and share freely as time moves forward. It is a good way to stay connected and keep open the channels of feedback between us that we have created.

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Hello everyone, hope we are all doing great. Happy new year to us all. For us at IWEI , the year is starting on a good note for our paralegal work. We are going to be hosting a seminar on paralegal recognition and legitimization in Kano but we are bringing together a 100 practitioners from all the regions of our country. We have representatives from the National ministry of justice, the judiciary, the legislators, The Bar Association, FIDA and others. This is meant to create a buzz and start real discussions around legitimization and recognition. please follow @IWEIng on twitter to get information, add iwei on SKYPE or use #ISUPPORTPARALEGALS on the 22nd of February, 2016 to participate in discussion. 9am our time. please dont ask me for time excited and thanks for all the learning from you all.
@Wigayi @nantthithioo @Zaw @michaelotto @NisreenRammal @Jovin_Sanga @YasmineNassef @SamaaEtturkey @Nidal @nazeh @mitali @zannatborna @abigailmoy @SharifHassanein @Sawsanourallah


@fatimaadamu, thank you for sharing your inspiring progress! It’s amazing that you’ve managed to get public and government support for your work. We will follow your twitter feed. #ISUPPORTPARALEGALS!

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Yes, this is amazing news @fatimaadamu - thank you for sharing! It is really something to have 100 nationwide practitioners together with so many government and legal authorities present, very excited to hear updates as to how the event progresses.

Also, the Nigeria research brief on formal recognition of community paralegals should be in draft form any day now and we will share this with you for review right when we receive it!

@fatimaadamu gave me a call recently to tell me some of the details of what has been happening in Nigeria lately and I realize that she is far too humble! I just added information to a post about paralegal recognition in Nigeria and efforts by @fatimaadamu on that front based on a conversation I had with her recently. Even closer to our recent learning exchange, an additional point worth mentioning is that @fatimaadamu made a presentation to the Kano State Ministry of Justice on the Victim Support Centers in Bangladesh that @zannatborna and @mitali arranged for us to visit. After the presentation at the MoJ, they made an initial yet official pronouncement to include lawyers and police in the victim support centers and were clearly quite receptive of the idea. It would be a great triumph for victims of gender-based violence to get all of the help they need, from health assistance to police reporting and investigating to legal aid assistance to psychosocial support, all in one place - just like we all saw in Bangladesh!

@fatimaadamu, please let us know how this progresses as well! :sunny: