Promoting rights of marginalized people in Maniema, Democratic Republic of the Congo


(Bisimwa Kajangu) #1

We are happy to read about the actions of the promotion of justice in other communities here on the forum. We are working on the promotion of the rights of marginalized people in the mining sector in the province of MANIEMA in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We studied the rights of women and children in Lubutu and Punia, located 380km and 270km from the center of Kindu.

Our objective is to submit development actions to these people to make them autonomous by subjecting them to a capacity building training on human rights and various development mechanisms in accordance with the DR.Congo mining law, and our report was able to activate our different local partners, we intend to mobilize funds for the launch of these activities training and development of this project of sustainable development.

(Tobias Eigen) #2

Thank you for introducing your project! It sounds very important and interesting.

If you have a written report, can you share it with us to include in the network resource library, for the benefit of all network members? Thanks!

(Bisimwa Kajangu) #3

yes we will share it soon soon after its final release

(Mary Oyier) #4

I pray for you. Congo is amongst the richest Countries by Minerals yet the poorest by Governance.If Leaders could get it right .If only we could use the two Holy books the World would be safe Heaven.

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(Bisimwa Kajangu) #5

Merci pour votre compassion envers notre nation mais toutes ces difficultĂ©s nous constituent des grands dĂ©fis Ă  relever face aux autres pays plus dĂ©veloppĂ©s, ce pour quoi les peuple vulnĂ©rables doivent jouir de la Justice et ĂȘtre informĂ©s de leur droit, pour prendre un bon Ă©lan vers le dĂ©veloppement. Merci beaucoup.

(Mary Oyier) #6

Thank you Team NAMATI for the automatic translation.

(Tobias Eigen) #7

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