Proposed amendments to India's Environment Law in favour of violators

Last week @cpr_team sent an official submission on a draft notification which seriously undermines the EIA process in India. With this Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) seeks to allow projects and activities which have initiated construction without environmental approval to continue business as usual as long as they can prepare an Environmental Supplemental Plan (ESP).

Our submission to the Ministry is attached with this post. @manjumenon and @kanchikohli have written an Oped which appeared in The Hindu newspaper today and can be accessed here.

We are hoping that the ministry receives several other responses to this proposed amendment. It is open for comments till 9.7.2016.

Two other news article by journalists on the issue quoting extensively from our submission are here and here.

We look forward to your reactions, comments, thoughts and inputs from @namati_staff and community.

Comments on Draft Notification dated 10th May 2016 related to the drafting of Environmental Supplemental Plan (ESP).pdf (170.2 KB)


Dear friends,

As an update, ten months after the draft notification (discussed in this post) was issued, the environment ministry in India issued the final notification granting amnesty to projects/units operating without environment clearances.

Our article in The Wire in response to this final notification is here and a detailed review of the notification with supporting documents on the Centre for Policy Research website here. There are three Indian language translations of this note (Hindi, Gujarati and Kannada). Another one in Odiya will soon be uploaded.

We look forward to your thoughts and responses. Requesting you to also share the news in your networks.

best wishes Kanchi

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Was sorry to read the bad news. Looks like the EJ team’s work is needed now more than ever.

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