Protecting witnesses and whistleblowers? What systems exist in your country?

Hi Team, I’d like to ask what systems exist in your country to protect witnesses and whistleblowers. Are they effective? I’m from Kenya, we have a witness protection act and agency. The systems exist however we have had several economic and political corruption witnesses and whistleblowers disappear or are killed.


Hi, I am from South Africa we have a few pieces of legislation on the protection of whistleblowers however, we are reviewing their effectiveness and my task is to look at other jurisdictions, it would be amazing if maybe we can work together and share the information we have gathered thus far.

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Thobeka good afternoon and happy new month., Whistle blower’s were accepted in Nigeria to fight corruption and money laundering but now they have all gone into hiding cuz corruption has fought back and it’s winning the battle against whistle blower’s. Protecting the whistle blower’s is a big problem out here and most of them are used by government officials against their opponents and people who oppose their bad leadership styles. We need to know in which aspect of whistle blowing were talking about so we can concentrate and build it up from that aspect of whistle blowing. Thanks

Hi Thobeka, it would be interesting to know what is in place in South Africa. I agree with Timothy, lets create a frame work of what aspects we would like to compare. I propose as a start we can compare notes on policies existing, institutions existing, we can break down the policies to look at the main themes that the policies address. What do you think?

It’s similar in Kenya, the death of witnesses and whistleblowers has always been a problem let alone protection and support. We’re a long way from robust systems. Recently the problem seems to have exacerbated (an uptrend in deaths). Corruption always fights back with a heavier hand than the victims. What’s in place in Nigeria? Let’s compare notes policies and institutions then maybe work from there? What do you propose?

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Hi I think creating a framework is a great idea! I can definitely share what South Africa has and the institutions that are involved with the protection of whistleblowers and the challenges we are facing.

Maybe we can interact outside of this platform my email adress is

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