Providing legal seminars to pastoral societies in Tanzania

Hi tobias. it is a long time now i didn’t communicate with you.but now i am ok. I was out iof network where we where providing legal seminar to the pastoral societies. We come up with a great idea that, the most sources of disputes in rural areas especial in a pastoral societies are IGNORANCE OF LAW AND POLITICAL INTERFERENCE IN THE PROCESS OF DISPENSATION OF JUSTICE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. WE EXPECT WE WILL SUCCEED TO ELIMINATE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Hi @job! Welcome back. We are glad to see you here and that you are well. I shifted this message of yours into a public topic here in #paralegals where more members will see it. Your legal seminars to pastoral societies sound very interesting. Can you tell us some more about where you were, information you shared, and maybe some pictures?

Thanks a lot Mr Tobias for an interested question, i didn’t share my information to any organization because we intend to provides annual report to Community Development officers and if possible we will make meeting with certain Institution known as Legal And Human Right Centre (LHRC) , where we expert we will get a lot challenges and new ideas on how we can expand our services in Tanzania.

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That is super interesting, @job!

LHRC is also a member of the network but has not logged in for a while, so this may be a good opportunity to reconnect with them. I’d appreciate having your help to talk to them about the Global Legal Empowerment Network the next time you see them.

In the meantime, I have updated their profile with details from their website and have been in touch with @WillyTenga, who is on the LHRC board and the only member in our records associated with LHRC.

What about agricultural expansions, natural resource conservation programs, climatic changes? I mean all the factors which reduces the carrying capacity and acreage of the existing grazing-lands and on other hands the factors which encourage high stocking rate. Have you noticed that conflicts mostly emanates from fodder scarcity?, a situation which forces pastorals to move their livestock into agricultural enclosure, forest reserves etc.

If we could find the balance between those two items (stocking rate and carrying capacity), we could reduce this problem and save lives of many sons and daughters of Tanzania.

Also link the nodes between Participatory resource Management (Planning, mapping,laws and Policies) and political willingness and efforts for the course.


Gaspar Mboha