Public is absent in India’s environmental policymaking

In an ever-changing environmental regulatory landscape, the Ministry of Environment in India has publicized three more policy drafts in the space of forest policy, amendments to the 2011 Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notification and the draft National Clean Air Programme (NCAP). The Ministry has put out these fully-formed drafts for public comments from interested citizens/groups within a proposed time-frame. However, the manner in which public engagement has been sought for these drafts, actually leaves one wondering about the scope of public participation and its efficacy in the space of public policy.

In this article, @kanchikohli and @manjumenon write about these participatory processes and the challenges they pose for a meaningful public participation in the space of environmental policy making in the country.

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While we are at it, a quick question for all: Please share your thoughts on the fallacies of “public participation” in your work and the ways you are navigating through these challenges, if at all.