Pushing for peace integration at a County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) meeting in Mombasa

We attended CIDP and pushed for peace intergration in the County Budget. It was a powerful great meeting. A different audience. Not the Usual hecklers but Serious team from Onug, Oldtown and Majengo Residents. All ministry were fully represented some by the executives. The questioner form was what impressed me more. We had the opportunity to power and inject great ideas that could take us forward.


thanks, mary! I am not entirely clear on the content of this post. can you tell us some more about this meeting and why network members should be interested in it? what does CIDP mean?

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Thanks once Again. kenya is Governed at National Level and County Level. We have 47 Counties. National treasure funds the County Goverments to a tune off billions. County Goverment are led by elected Governors. Every County must invite Citizen perticipation in Its COUNTY INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PLAN. … THUS (CIDP)… The appointed executives calls for a siiting one ward after the other and collect views, plans woes, plannining etc. We went there to push for Peace Integration in the Budget. There is hope. Peace is one word that carries many components. Thank you.

Note …This is the second term for County Goverments. It’s a new System in My Country. The last five years that ended October 2017 locked us out due to ignorance could be. The constitution was new too and we are learning step by step.

OK - this makes sense and is interesting. Thank you! I changed the title to hopefully reflect the content of the topic. Can you tell us some more how this fits into citizenship rights and the details of the ideas you are pushing for at the CIDP meetings? Thanks! :seedling:

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Thank you for the Great question. I am a member of Citizen Assembly.Self Made activist. We have positioned as Citizen Oversight Forum. Ours is to keep the Goverment in Cheque. We demand and sit in the assembly to monitor development and accountability. Its a challenge many a times for they deny us major info and access. However we persist. Our Constitution 2010 is still new and we have to learn and read more and more. Its said to be World best by UN. We intend to work with Human Rights Commission to train and empower many youths on this. Thank You once More.

Mary, thanks for the impressive work. Mainstreaming peace and cohesion in the CIDP is critical. I will be grateful if you can share with me the questionnaire so that we can bench mark with other counties. A gender responsive CIDP is also essential and how this can be actualized across the counties. As it is, its at the discretion of the respective Governors.Thanks


Thank you @Ahmed I will share soonest. All Counties Gazzetted there CIDP dates in the local daily newspapers. My County is Mombasa County. The time presentation is now closed. The public service Board are now Annalising as we speak. Which is your County allow me to ask. Am glad a fellow Kenyan has responded. You are the second after @ mahamoud Thank you once again

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