Pushing the rule of law. Who support such?

We are very keen at advancing the rule of law among young people in Nigeria using schools as entry points, knowing well how this can foster justice, peace and security. Following rule of law can dissolve radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism in Nigeria but unfortunately less attention is given.

When young minds are influenced to follow the rule of law to get all they inspire for, and point to it as ultimate to addressing their concerns, then the society will be organized in peace and not in conflict crisis as currently seen. It can help drastically reduced vulnerability of young people recruitment into armed groups and violence crime groups or organized crimes etc. This I know.

But to achieve this is for us to be proactive than reactive. Prevention is still far cheaper and better than cure. Uninterestingly, most funding seems curative but unsustainable.

Therefore, my team intends to carrying out sensitization programs at schools tagged " Follow the Rule of Law". It is geared at educating, raising awareness and pointing young minds to it so they can grow with it consciously as good citizens even as they grow up. And was wondering if we can get partnership with like minded organization on this going forward? Any suggestion can help.

To us searching for partner(s) for this small pilot program but impact full is to build relationship where we can learn, share experience and build synergy for amplification. Please can anyone guide me to where to get such minimal support but with promising high impact results on investment? So many people educated and uneducated Nigerians do not know how and what it is to follow the rule of law to get justice. They go on self help and jungle justice. How long will we live on this? We can help break this chains of ignorance and fast track inclusive development through legal empowerment of the people even at grassroot. Our idea is small budget big impact kind of program. And is urgent.

It will be a pleasure hearing from you please.


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We are following up to keep you abreast of our pilot program on “follow the rule of law” to young people in Nigeria.

It was such an interesting interactive session today as participants asked mind blowing questions and got answered on why they should prefer not jungle justice, hold their Government accountable for open government, transparency and rights to justice.

This can be scaled.

And can help young people’s vulnerabilities into towing violence crimes as a way out; including recruitment into violent extremist groups. They asked how, where they can have the country’s constitution so they can understand and know the human manual to their fudamental rights as active citizens and change makers, and why they are or were never told about it before now? And so much more.

Attached are pictures of event.

Thank you.