Question regarding a resource about establishing the Indonesian national legal aid system

Hi @AtifChoudhury, following from a message from you regarding a resource titled Establishing National Legal Aid System through Indonesia Legal Aid Act written by Erna Ratnaningsih, I wanted to begin a discussion with some Network members who could help answer your question directly. Specifically, I would direct you to ask @uli at the Indonesian Legal Resource Center and @donnyard at YLBHI to clarify or follow up in the discussion as I believe you had more than one question. We hope to include the author of the resource in the discussion as well.

The initial question from @AtifChoudhury:

I found her report a very instructive resource for a primer I am currently drafting as a general resource for what thematic topics and areas a legal aid report should include. I had a question on page 8, Section D “Legal Aid Budget” with regards to the allocation of the legal aid budget for civil servants facing litigation.

Section D “Legal Aid Budget” on page 8 states:

The allocation of legal aid budget are distributed in the Government Institutions such as Ministry of Finance, Bank of Indonesia, and General Election Commission and so on however these funds do not allocated for poor people and marginalized. It is for the staff of those institutions which faces legal problems.

@AtifChoudhury specifically asks:

So the allocated legal aid budget is essentially being used as a liability fund for civil servants of government institutions? Is this a fair characterization? If so, this seems a misguided and flaw utilization of legal aid.

If you have follow up questions, I would encourage you to also ask them here. Thanks!

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Atif Choudry, thanks a lot for your question. I try to answer it as far as I understood. According to the result of the research you mentioned there were legal aid budget allocations for the civil servants in Indonesia that why she recommended the legal aid budget ahould be allocated to the poor people through a legal aid law. At this moment Indonesia has a legal aid law where clearly legal aid budget is allocated for the ooor people.

Uli Pada tanggal 21 Nov 2015 01.58, “Michael Otto” menulis:

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I greatly appreciate you starting this discussion thread Mr. Otto, and thanks so much for your answer uli! That was my understanding of Prof. Ratnaningsih’s characterization of how legal aid was being used as well i.e. basically serving as a liability fund for civil servants rather than for indigent clients/poor citizens. Would be interested to know how much of the aid budget is allocated for these civil servants (dollar amount and percentage), and especially whether this is also a practice in Timor-Leste.

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