Radio stations and community human rights empowerment

The network team received the following by email from @karengye of Active Citizens Uganda. I thought I would share it with the community because there are likely other organizations using radio and you can share experiences and strategies.

Gilbert, can you tell us some more about the problem you are seeking to solve by working in partnership with radio stations, and tell some stories about what you have done so far and the outcomes?


Thank you for all the work you are doing. ACU is currently doing community human rights empowerment in partnership with some radio stations so that people are made aware of their rights and these programmes are held in deep villages while being broadcasted live on radio. We are looking for partners in this campaign who will carry together with us all the programmes to see that these programmes are sustained. It is possible

Best regards,

  1. Mr.Polycarp Muyambi, Chairperson

  2. Ms. Clare Kasheija Kamugisha, Secretary

  3. Mr. Gilbert M.Karengye, Coordinator

Active Citizens Uganda-Acu

congratulatios @Karengye