Recent article celebrating the Legal Aid Society in Pakistan

There is an incredible amount of movement happening in our community and, from funding struggles to legal persecution, we are all aware of the many difficulties we collectively face. I think that often we do not make enough room for celebrating the victories, small and large, that are taking place all around us.

With that said, I would like to highlight an article in Al Jazeera yesterday profiling the amazing work of the Legal Aid Office in Pakistan, and celebrate @hayazahid, @FirasatSiddiqui, @ElizabethN, @ramshar, @Rainy, and @OmarManiar for the tough, important work they are doing in Pakistani prisons :

They have certainly been busy lately-- we profiled a paralegal guide they produced recently as a #featuredresource that shows in more detail the work they are doing, and they are one year into receiving government funding for their work.

We are thrilled to hear that the network has been able to support their work through capacity building and knowledge sharing, as @hayazahid wrote in sharing the article:

“Omar and I have learnt alot from the experience at the leadership course trainings which we were privileged enough to be a part of. We have come back inspired and invigorated to pilot new means in our existing work and give a lot of the credit to where we are today to the Namati Team and to the know law, use law and shape law framework!”

Join me in celebrating their work and please feel encouraged to share your victories with the rest of us too!