Recommendations for video editing software on Windows?

Hi everyone! I am looking for free or affordable video editing software to download on a Windows computer. Does anybody have any recommendations?

I would like basic editing functions such as trimming a clip, captioning, and volume/visual enhancement controls. Any advice is welcome.

Thank you!

Ashley :sun_with_face:

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Hmm… I use OSX so am not up to date on the latest windows software, but it seems to me there should be some good free, open source options. A google search turned up VLMC which seems to not yet be ready for prime time.

Have you tried Microsoft’s own Windows Movie Maker, which I think comes installed on the computer?

Filmora is not free but looks promising.

@KellyMatheson @jacquelinzammuto @LaurenceW @TedJohnson @vivektrivedi any suggestions?

Hey @tobiaseigen and @ashleyvanwaes - I checked with our video editor and here are his suggestions:

Lightworks seems like the best right now but might be intimidating to folks new to editing. For people completely new to video editing and just want to make simple cuts and effects, VideoPad seems the way to go. VSDC and Lightworks look like they will be supported for a long time. Here’s the gist:

Lightworks: Putting professional-quality tools within reach of everyone, Lightworks is the best free video editor.

VideoPad Video Editor: Simple to use, even for complete newcomers. Not as feature-packed as Lightworks, but still excellent.

VSDC Free Video Editor: A non-linear video editor stacked with tools, VSDC is very impressive and in constant development.


Thanks, @jacquelinzammuto! This is super helpful. I will try these out and get back to you :slight_smile:

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