Refugees socio-economic sustainance

Hi @nashmeister - thanks for sharing this interesting article about the bustling economy in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.

What struck you most about the article? Do you see any lessons for how legal empowerment efforts or paralegals in particular might think about their work in refugee camps differently?


i was inspired by the post above @lauragoodwin since many refugees need to self sustain themselves in regards to their well-being and avoid just depending on well wishers and the government. my proposal is that their business activities should have tax incentives that enable them, to thrive. women and children are to suffer if they are not considered to be given business opportunities. its good to show someone how to fish rather than give them fish.


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I’m jazzed to see you logging in very regularly to contribute to discussions. It’s good to have you here representing Kenya and your interest in gender equality and human rights. :sunflower:

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i have been having a hard time doing it but i think now i can relate to what you are saying