Regional Legal Empowerment Initiatives: Calling on all West Africa Paralegal Service Providers

Together with the The Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative and Justice & Empowerment Initiatives, we are carrying out a mapping of various legal empowerment initiatives in Western Africa with a primary focus on organizations that use the skills and expertise of community based paralegals to promote access to justice and carry out advocacy on behalf of communities. The main objective of the mapping is to begin a regional conversation on legal empowerment and how various actors in Western Africa can come together around common challenges and collective aspirations in making access to justice a reality for all.

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This is a welcome development, however,it will be of great impact, the certificate of the Paralegals be recognized by the Nigeria Council of Legal education in order to give it effective backing.

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Thanks for your input @kalchy. @fatimaadamu from IWEI can advise on how far the recognition process has come. Perhaps this could also be point of consideration for the regional agenda.

Good work, because social justice is foundation of development


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