Reimagining Justice: Realizing Human Rights through Legal Empowerment (Conference at NYU School of Law)

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On April 26-27, human rights activists and scholars from over 25 countries convened in New York to discuss how legal empowerment can transform access to justice and make human rights real. The conference, titled Reimagining Justice: Realizing Human Rights through Legal Empowerment, was hosted by the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights at NYU School of Law.

Activists like Ravi Ragbir, a nationally recognized immigration rights leader and Alex Chow, one of the key organizers of the Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Umbrella Movement, shared insights on building social movements that empower affected communities to engage in their own struggle for human rights. Other visionaries included Jayshree Satpute, recognized by The Guardian as one of the “World’s Top 100 Inspiring Women” for her pioneering legal empowerment work in India, and Gertrude Angote, the Executive Director of Kituo Cha Sheria, the oldest legal aid organization in Kenya. Learn more about the incredible panels and amazing roster of speakers in the conference program!

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The first day of the #ReimaginingJustice conference has produced profound discussions on the impacts, potential, and growth of legal empowerment to deliver access to justice across the globe. Here is a recap:

If you couldn’t tune in, please view the livestreams of the panel sessions here:

Here are some notable remarks and resources shared today by several members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network:

Please let us know what you think about the conference panels, tweets, and resources, and do share your thoughts on your legal empowerment efforts and ideas. Continuing conversation is how we will continue the process of #ReimagingingJustice.

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Congrats to Madam Angote.She for sure is working one on one with the community.

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The second day of the #ReimaginingJustice conference provided an opportunity to discuss how legal empowerment can:

  • help build power in post-conflict, repressive, and absent states;
  • tackle corporate abuse through community action;
  • be a potent access to justice strategy in various contexts in the United States.

If you want to tune into the fascinating presentations and discussions, check out the livestreams of day 2 here:

Also, here are some great spotlight posts and resources that emerged from the conference:

Please provide your input on the ideas above, and your thoughts on the importance of gatherings that bring legal empowerment professionals together to share, teach, learn, and grow the movement.

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We are still buzzing from all the ideas shared during #ReimaginingJustice: Realizing Human Rights through Legal Empowerment. This conference, held at NYU School of Law from April 26-27, brought together activists and scholars from over 25 countries to discuss how legal empowerment can transform access to justice and make human rights real.

If you missed the conference, don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out the livestreams for all the dynamic conference panels below, including presentations by Network Members @AngoteGertrude, @JaneWeru, @WalterFlores, @vivekmaru, @marlonmanuel, @erinkitchell, @kanchikohli, @suktidhital, @jsatpute, @peterchapman, @manzoorhasan, @brianrawson, @hayazahid, @zazanamoradze, @stevegolub, @gusmaurino, @martaschaaf, @deniseddora, @Time, @MegSatt, @JuanAuz, @danjckson and more.

Panel 1: Legal Empowerment – Advancing Human Rights by Transforming Access to Justice

Panel 2: Refugee, Health, and Prisoners’ Rights – Diversity of Issues and Interventions

Panel 3: Knowledge is Power – Legal Empowerment Research Part 1

Panel 3: Knowledge is Power – Legal Empowerment Research Part 2

Panel 4: Using Technology as a Tool to Empower Communities

Panel 5: Building Power in Post-Conflict, Repressive, and Absent States

Panel 6: Tackling Corporate Abuse through Community Action

Panel 7: Emerging Models of Legal Empowerment in the United States

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Thanks very much, Vivek!



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