Report: CZMAs and Coastal Environments

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Namati’s Environmental Justice Program and its Indian partner, the Centre for Policy Research, have completed a three year study of India’s Coastal Zone Management Authorities. The report highlights weaknesses in the functioning of India’s oldest and most important environmental protection system.


This has been an important and major piece of work for Namati India-CPR - many congratulations. Has it been picked up as a story in the media or by environmental bloggers in India?

I’d be interested to post links here to any coverage or commentary it has attracted.

Hi Paul,

Its been mentioned in the below news item.

The news report links our report with a proposed amendment to the coastal regulation.

Also providing links for two stories done by

  1. The first one shares the recommendations given in the report

  2. This one is on the performance of Gujarat SCZMA using data provided in our report.

TRINet did a blog post sharing and contextualising the key findings of the report


Another story based on the report:

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One more:

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Another one:

Thanks for all these Meenakshi!

Link to another story that talks about our findings :grin:

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One more story based on the report :grin:

It talks about the issue of enforcement and compliance

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Here is an article by @meenakshikapoor :-

Easing building regulations: Where’s the groundwork?

The recent amendment to the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification relaxes building norms for CRZ areas. There are certain necessary measures that should have preceded it, says Meenakshi Kapoor as she brings out the implications of the amendment.

And another story based on our report which came out today-

Another piece based on the CZMA report!

The track record of the coastal zone management authorities across the nine coastal states of India isn’t promising. The Centre for Policy Research and Namati Environment Justice Program compiled a report, ‘Coastal Zone Management Authorities and Costal Environments: Two decades of regulating land use change on India’s coastline.’ It shows that conservation features the least in the authorities’ meetings. Only Goa and Odisha discussed coastal conservation in its meetings of 2010 and 2013. Even in these two states, conservation matters comprised less than 2% of the total.